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DCP03456.JPG (93299 bytes)    December 27, 2005 - Tuesday - While the final mudding of sheet rock continues inside, the rock facade installation continues outside.  This picture shows the progress just to the right of the front door.  As mentioned earlier, the "rocks" are made by Eldorado Stone as is the wainscot sill we will install as the top most layer of rock.  The wainscot pieces are not light so during the install of the last course of "normal" rock we imbed galvanized steel angle brackets into the mortar.  Not only do these brackets help support the wainscot, they help guarantee the wainscot will be level and snug up against the siding above it.  These angle brackets can easily be seen in this picture embedded into the mortar.

DCP03458.JPG (72513 bytes)    December 28, 2005 - Wednesday - This picture shows the rock facade just to the left of the front door.   The wainscot sill is now installed and even cut at a 45 degree angle in the corner!  For those interested in that type of thing, one of the ways we cut the rocks is with a diamond blade on our circular saw.

DCP03459.JPG (122929 bytes)    December 28, 2005 - Wednesday - The finished rock facade looks very nice!

DCP03460.JPG (112415 bytes)    December 28, 2005 - Wednesday - A nice shot of the front of the garage and the newly installed rock facade.

DCP03461.JPG (120262 bytes)    December 30, 2005 - Friday - In preparation for the propane tank delivery, we poured a concrete pad yesterday for the tank to rest on.  Most builders do not pour a pad for the tank, so the propane company simply furnishes concrete blocks that the tank sits on.  A pad always looks better and makes maintenance easier in years to come since weeds will not be growing up under our tank.

DCP03462.JPG (160719 bytes)    December 30, 2005 - Friday - We also poured the pad for our required driveway light yesterday when the concrete truck was here.  The driveway light will be on a pedestal of brick and of course needs power for the light.  To that end you can see a conduit with electrical wire coming out of the center of the pad.

DCP03463.JPG (94929 bytes)    December 30, 2005 - Friday - Our carriage lights were installed a while back and now we even have the address on the home!  Our carriage lights are made by Kichler and are model 9645CV.  Our driveway light will match and its Kichler model number is 9945CV.

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