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DCP03464.JPG (140179 bytes)    January 6, 2006 - Friday - Happy New Year!  Another nice feature we include in our homes is an exhaust fan in the garage.  If the new owner of this home is anything like our leader Jeffrey, they may have an old sports car in the garage which possibly has more "fragrant" exhaust than a new car.  The exhaust fan can help minimize the possibility of this smell making its way into the home.  Simply give the 60 minute timer switch a turn when putting the sports car to bed after a fun outing and peace is kept in the family!  Such an exhaust fan can come in handy during any odiferous work that may occur in the garage.  We chose the Nutone QT300 as the exhaust fan for the garage.  It is powerful enough for this large space and its really quiet!  Its not made in the USA but is made in Canada which is nearly as good, eh?  This picture shows the "attic view" of the new fan and its ducting.  This picture also shows that we put scrap from our ICF blocks into the attic above the garage.  This way they don't go into a landfill and help with insulation.  After reviewing the building code most closely we found out 26 gauge rigid duct is required for garage exhaust fans so we swapped out the flexible duct in this picture for rigid.  Keep those inspectors happy!

DCP03466.JPG (76736 bytes)    January 6, 2006 - Friday - This picture shows the garage view of our new fan...minus its grill of course.

DCP03465.JPG (136826 bytes)    January 6, 2006 - Friday - The two multi-port ventilators we installed in the attic to provide venting for the bathrooms and for the sleeping areas we just too loud for Jeffrey.  Realize however that he has a past life as an award winning recording engineer and producer, so he may be more sensitive to sounds than others.  At any rate the solution to quiet these fans down was to suspend them via nylon rope!  This "decouples" them from the truss member they used to be bolted on to.  Past staff member Mark Everson (retired Coast Guard) would be very proud that we used "bowline" knots for the lines that suspend the fans.  This picture shows one of these fans in its newly suspended position.

DCP03467.JPG (71682 bytes)    January 6, 2006 - Friday - In preparation for installing insulation in the attic, we want to get all attic work completed.  This includes the vent for our future range hood over the stove.  This picture shows the newly installed vent duct for the range hood.  We will prime, texture, and paint the duct so it will simply blend into the walls above our cabinets.

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