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DCP03451.JPG (73103 bytes)    December 16, 2005 - Friday - The never ending job of mudding and taping continues!  In this great shot Carrie stands next to one of her beautiful arches.  Framing the arches is one things, but making them look beautiful is truly another thing.  This is the arch between the kitchen and dining room.

DCP03452.JPG (127038 bytes)    December 16, 2005 - Friday - This picture shows the progress Jeffrey is making on the front rock facade.  Looking good!  This shot shows the northeast corner of the garage.  Notice in the background of this shot the plastic sheeting taped up on the home.  This plastic is used to keep the fresh mortar slightly warmer at night than the outside air temperature since we don't want our fresh mortar subject to freezing temps until it is completely set up.  Notice space is being left at the top of the rock to add Eldorado Stone's "wainscot sill" to give the rock a real finished look.

DCP03453.JPG (118222 bytes)    December 16, 2005 - Friday - Here is another good shot showing the progress of the rock facade.  Some people think this type of facade comes in large pieces so that installation is rather fast.  Not so!  Each rock you see on the home is mortared into place one at a time.  Adding to the challenge is the fact this is not a "paint by numbers" process.  The installer has to fit this "puzzle" together one piece at a time, always being aware to keep the finished product varied in color and size...while at the same time making sure the rocks are level!  Not a task for the impatient!

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