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DCP03442.JPG (117015 bytes)    December 1, 2005 - Thursday - While Carrie continues the mudding of the sheet rock inside, Jeffrey decides he better start installing the rock facade on the front of the home before the weather gets too cold.  From the looks of this picture it may be too cold already!

The process of installing the rock facade starts with installing metal lath on the ICF walls.  This is the same type of lath we used when applying the parging on the sides and rear of the home.  Next, a "scratch" coat of mortar is placed over the metal lath.  This process sounds like parging but there are a couple of major differences.  First you don't need to make the scratch coat look nice since it will be covered with rock.  Also you want the scratch coat rough so when you install the rocks, the mortar will "grab" the scratch coat for good adhesion.  The "rocks" we used for the front facade are made by Eldorado Stone.  Their product is made from concrete so its perfect for our concrete home.  The company was originally started in Carnation, WA so we still consider them a home state company.  Even though corporate is now based in Los Angeles, CA, they have manufacturing plants at many locations around the nation.  Our "rocks" came from their plant in Royal City, WA.  A really great product and they are made in our own state!

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