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DCP03228.JPG (140937 bytes)    May 17, 2005 - Tuesday - Since the breaker panel was "lit up" last Friday the various branch circuit wires can be run.  A branch circuit is comprised of the wires that feed any type of electrical outlets, appliances, or lights which are all controlled by one breaker in the breaker panel.  Its typical to try and include only similar things on a branch circuit such as the outlets for one room or the lights in a given area.  Some items are required by the manufacturer to have their own  branch circuit.  For example the pump and heater for our whirlpool tub much each have their own 15 amp circuit.  Yesterday saw the install of wiring for the first branch circuit which will service lights in the some areas on the south side of the home.  This picture shows the first lights to be lit up!  These first lights are in the laundry room.  The reason for getting the lights going here first is simple.  It makes wiring the subsequent branch circuits into the panel much easier.

DCP03226.JPG (139028 bytes)    May 17, 2005 - Tuesday - Mark Brown again graced us with his help today.  The project today was installing the gas fireplace in the living room.  In keeping with our philosophy of building homes we would like to live in ourselves, we installed a nicer fireplace than most spec builders install.  We chose the Majestic DV360 from Vermont Castings.  The "DV" in the model number stands for "direct vent" which means the fireplace gets the air it needs to burn from outdoors, not from the room where its installed.  Many modern gas appliances are direct vent.  On these direct vent appliances the chimney pipe serves both as the exhaust for burnt gases AND as the air intake for combustion.  This is possible because the chimney is actually a "pipe inside a pipe".  The inside pipe is used for exhaust and the space between the inside pipe and the outside pipe supplies air for combustion.  This special direct vent chimney pipe also has a special chimney cap that keeps the exhaust gases away from the fresh air intake!  Like always...probably a bit more than you wanted to know! 

When we ordered the fireplace we specified the "Comfort Control" option package.  This package includes a wireless remote control which allows the user (among other things) to set the desired temperature on the remote, and then the fireplace will control its flame height and fan speed automatically to achieve the desired temperature where ever the remote is located!  Just don't confuse the fireplace remote with the one for the TV or DVD as they look REAL similar!

DCP03227.JPG (113044 bytes)    May 17, 2005 - Tuesday - Even though its hard to see since the unit is all flat black, here is a picture of the fireplace when it and the chimney are installed.  Thanks to the precision placement of the roof flashing by Jeffrey and past staffer Mark Everson, the chimney is as plumb as they come!  Nice!

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