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DCP03220.JPG (118815 bytes)    May 13, 2005 - Friday - Electrical work continues.  This shot is in the Southeast bedroom and shows wire going through a channel in an ICF wall and coming out into a steel frame wall.  If you look REAL close you can see that the wire goes through a plastic insulator (non-metallic bushing) as it passes through the opening in the steel stud.  This is to protect the wire from the potentially sharp edges of the steel.

DCP03221.JPG (159400 bytes)    May 13, 2005 - Friday - As mentioned in the caption above, wire must be protected when passing through openings in the steel studs.  This picture shows the red plastic bushings used for this purpose.  These are made by Arlington Industries.

DCP03222.JPG (163886 bytes)    May 13, 2005 - Friday - Recessed lighting is being installed.  These are "Halo" H7ICAT units made by Cooper Lighting.  They are rated "insulation contact" (the "IC" in their model number) which means that insulation can come in direct contact with the lighting fixture.  These units are especially good for blown in insulation.  They are also rated "air tight" (the "AT" in their model number) which means they should help seal the living quarters from the attic.

DCP03225.JPG (99018 bytes)    May 13, 2005 - Friday - Our favorite lineman, Rex, showed up today from the PUD to pop an electric meter into the meter base and connect our power lines to the grid.  Check out the reading on our brand new electric meter  We now have power to the breaker panel so the extension cord from our temporary power meter can b e retired!

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