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DCP03219.JPG (113298 bytes)    May 6, 2005 - Friday - Today we passed our "Electric Service" inspection!  This means everything from the street to the electric breaker panel in the home has been inspected and is OK.  Passing this inspection means we can contact our "PUD" (Public Utility District) and request that they come and "light us up", which means they will install our electric meter and connect the big wires we have going out to the street to their power grid.

This is a big step in the process of completing the wiring for the home.  Once our breaker panel is "hot" we can actually test all the wiring being done.

This picture shows an outlet box in the north east bedroom set into the expanded polystyrene (EPS) of our ICF wall.  You can also see that a small channel was cut into the EPS that is used to run the electrical wire to the box.  The box cut out and the wiring channel were made using a "hot knife".  We get our hot knife from Wind-Lock and we are also a Wind-Lock dealer.

DCP03218.JPG (107894 bytes)    May 6, 2005 - Friday - While our electrical work is being done, Ben Smith, fourth generation Sequim dairy farmer and residential builder, is putting the finishing touches on his second spec home just behind us.  Ben needed a bit of fill dirt which we happened to have.  As an accomplished "Bobcat" operator, Ben made quick work of moving our dirt over to his lot.  We were very thankful that he used his remaining time on the Bobcat rental to do some grading on our lot.  Thanks Ben!!  Now all we need to do is find a couple guys half as talented as Ben's crew.  Jason and Carl are not only nice guys, they are home building dynamos!  They are so good that many days Ben attends to chores at the dairy while these guys make progress on the jobsite.  Too bad guys like these don't grow on trees!

This picture shows the view from our front porch and the grading that Ben accomplished.

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