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DCP03211.JPG (141342 bytes)    April 29, 2005 - Friday - This picture shows the newly installed electric breaker panel at the south end of the laundry (machine) room.  If you look closely you can see the "UFR" (rebar ground point) directly below the breaker panel.  Those looking closely can also see there is a ground wire going over and connecting to the copper water pipes near the Manablock.  This is required since all metal pipes must be grounded according to code.

DCP03214.JPG (112072 bytes)    April 29, 2005 - Friday - Just as all metal pipes in a home must be grounded, so must ALL the metal studs we are using in this home.  This is not a problem since correct steel stud installation assures that most areas of steel members in the home are connected together.  It is not uncommon however to have a few large areas of steel framing in a home that are NOT connected.  It is easy to run ground wire between these sections such that the large sections become connected and hence EVERY steel framing member in the home becomes connected together.  Once we insure that all the steel framing in the home is connected together we can connect any portion of it to ground resulting in the whole system being grounded!

This picture shows where our steel framing is connected to our UFR (rebar) ground point.  It is at the upper right hand corner of our IPEX Zone Control Panel for our radiant floor system, mounted on the south wall of the laundry room.  It also happens to be directly above where our incoming IPEX Kitec water line meets our copper inside water line.

If you look closely you can see a ground wire coming out from behind the Zone Control Panel cabinet and connecting to the steel stud with a green screw (the color green means ground).  This ground wire connects back to the UFR ground point.

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