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DCP03045.JPG (154098 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - The roof is finally done!!  Earlier this week Mark and Jeffrey completed the roof so now is the time to work on extending our utilities out to the street and get them connected.  We worked into the dark last night using a small track hoe to extend the trench out to the street.  Maybe Mark was sorry he reminded Jeffrey the track hoe had a light that makes digging in the dark real easy!

This picture shows the conduit for the phone/TV cable as well as the water service pipe after they have been extended out to the street.  As with the sewer pipe, we place the water pipe in a bed of sand for protection from large rocks.  If you look carefully you can also see the black pipe in the lower right hand portion the of this picture.  This is the feed from the city water system which we'll connect to our water meter, then to our back flow valve, and finally to our water service pipe.

DCP03047.JPG (125005 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - As part of our night time track hoe work last night, we also extended the trenches for our down spout drains and dug our "dry well".  The dry well is the place all our down spout water goes so it can be absorbed back into the ground in a controlled manner.  The dry well is a trench that is filled with gravel.  Our down spout pipe is extended into this gravel but this time with perforated pipe.  When the water from the down spouts reaches the dry well, it escapes through the holes in the perforated pipe, goes through the gravel, and is absorbed into the ground.

This picture shows staff member Mark Everson working on the piping as it comes around the front of the home to the dry well which is on the north side of the home.

DCP03048.JPG (127291 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - A good shot of the dry well trench early in its creation.  The sides and top of the dry well must be lined with "filter fabric" in order to keep soil out of the gravel.  Here you can see the filter fabric in place, waiting for the placement of the gravel.  Since the perforated pipe should be placed in the upper third of the gravel it is not installed yet.

DCP03049.JPG (89989 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - Since Mark and Jeffery have done so much moving of earth and gravel by hand during this project, this time Jeffrey decided to bring in the "AgraCat".  Sequim Redi-Mix (360-683-5680) owns this wonderful machine and it makes quick work of placing aggregate!  Jason was our operator for this job and the conveyor belt coming off the back end of the AgraCat allows him to place material very precisely!  This shot shows Jason starting to fill up the dry well trench with 7/8" washed rock.  Even though the AgraCat with Jason at the helm is very accurate, we took the precaution of covering the nearby windows with sheets of OSB.  Better safe than sorry!

DCP03051.JPG (112835 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - A great shot of Jason using the AgraCat to place gravel at the far end of the dry well.  Can you say "precision placement"?

DCP03052.JPG (130025 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - The dry well is 2/3 full of gravel so now is the time to place the perforated pipe.  Our dry well is very conveniently placed on the north side of the home.  This allows us to connect the rear down spout drains to one of this perforated pipe, and to connect the front down spout drain to the other end.  Nice!

DCP03053.JPG (136547 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - This picture shows the dry well with the perforated pipe installed and the final layer of gravel on top.  Now we can fold over the remaining filter fabric to cover the top of the gravel, and then put at least six inches of earth on top.

DCP03054.JPG (129534 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - When placing the Form-A-Drain for the footings, we already had a plan of where the dry well would be located.  In addition to the down spout drains discharging into the dry well, this picture shows the footing outlet also flows into the dry well just as it should.

DCP03055.JPG (106584 bytes)    December 2, 2004 - Thursday - Here is the final shot of our dry well after we passed inspection and completed the back fill.  You'll never know its there once grass or other landscaping covers the area!

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