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DCP03058.JPG (181969 bytes)    December 7, 2004 - Tuesday - We continue to get our utilities hooked up at the street.  This shot shows the gray flexible conduit that Rex, our Public Utility District lineman, ran from the end of our rigid conduit, up into the light green power box called a "secondary".  Rex ran the conduit and wires up into the secondary so we could back fill the trench.  After we get the power meter and main breaker panel installed in the home, we'll ask him to come back and hook up the power which will then be a simple matter of opening the cover on the secondary and connecting the wires.  This shot also shows the conduit for our phone, cable, and driveway light.  The cable TV is black, the phone line is blue, and the power for the driveway light is yellow.

DCP03059.JPG (181349 bytes)    December 7, 2004 - Tuesday - After back filling the power conduit we install a 90 degree elbow on our phone/cable conduit and point it down.  This will prevent water from getting in it.  We also use flexible conduit for the phone wire and the power wire for the driveway light since these wires are not rated "direct burial" (which means we can't just bury them in the dirt).  The cable TV ("coax") IS rated direct burial so it doesn't need a conduit.

The phone wire and cable can be seen here going up to the round, dark green, telephone "network termination" point.  The power wire for the driveway light will simply lay on the ground until the driveway light is installed.

DCP03061.JPG (160701 bytes)    December 8, 2004 - Wednesday - Today we complete the water meter and back flow valve installation and connect the assembly to the city water service and to the water service pipe supplying the home.  This shot shows the two water service boxes as the area is getting back filled.  One box houses the water meter and the other houses the back flow valve.  Again we put the whole thing in a bed of sand to protect the pipes from rocks.

DCP03064.JPG (129533 bytes)    December 10, 2004 - Friday - Today Sequim was certainly not "Sunny Sequim" as it rained a good deal of the morning.  This of course was a perfect time to rent a big back hoe and grade the area that will become the driveway! 

This shot shows the driveway after a morning of grading.  Notice all the mud made with a combination of lots of rain and driving the back hoe over the area many, many times!  After the rain stopped in the afternoon we started placing the forms to hold the concrete when we pour the driveway.  The front walk will also be poured at the same time as the driveway.

The back hoe we rented this time was a John Deer 110.  A four wheel drive unit with big rubber tires.  Since it was so big John and Phil at D&K Rentals (360-683-4808) talked Jeffrey into "roading it" the mile from the rental shop to the building site.  This means Jeffrey just drove it down the main street of Sequim with the four way flashers going.  One big benefit of being in a small town is no one really even bats an eye.  We do however wish we had a picture of Jeffrey filling it up with diesel at the Safeway on Washington Ave, which is the main street in Sequim!

DCP03068.JPG (55498 bytes)    December 10, 2004 - Friday - A very sad day indeed for GMB USA Limited.  This was the last official work day for our staff member Mark Everson.  Here he waves good-bye in the early darkness of our northern state.  He will be greatly missed and we wish him well as he plans to move to New York state to seek his fortune and find true love!  A man's got to do what a man's got to do!  Many thanks and good luck to you Mark!

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