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DCP03036.JPG (80147 bytes)    November 25, 2004 - Thursday - Thanksgiving Day!  Thanks to Diane et al at the Sunshine Cafe (360-683-4282) for the amazing, FREE, thanksgiving dinner!  This was their 3rd annual "thank you" to the community thanksgiving dinner, and boy was it tasty!  We didn't need a free dinner so we left a large donation in the Cafe's name to the Sequim Food Bank.  The amazing Richard Craig bid us good bye this week with his completion of the door trim.  This shot shows the south rear patio door and Richard's wonderful trim job.

DCP03037.JPG (76717 bytes)    November 25, 2004 - Thursday - Another shot of the south patio door this time showing one of the 45 degree trim pieces and an inside corner trim piece.  Thanks Richard!

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