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DCP03024.JPG (73449 bytes)    November 18, 2004 - Thursday - This is week number two of roofing for company President Jeffrey Bruton and staff member Mark Everson.  Even though they wake up with sore backs, they continue to roof like troopers.  Never mind that a pro roofing crew could complete this roof in a matter of days...

While Mark and Jeffrey continue roofing, home building hired gun extraordinaire, Richard Craig, gets to do the fun work.  In this instance he is making all the exterior window and corner trim pieces.  Made from 6 inch and 4 inch 5/4 primed spruce respectively, this shot shows some of Richard's good work on the northeast bedroom window and, if you look carefully, the northeast corner.  Trim pieces such as these need to be put on BEFORE the siding, so Richard's work is getting s us ready for siding application.  Maybe Mark and Jeffrey's backs won't ache so much doing siding!

DCP03026.JPG (94901 bytes)    November 18, 2004 - Thursday - This shot shows Richard installing an inside corner trim piece next to one of the rear patio doors.  Also visible is one of the dining area windows with its trim framing.

DCP03027.JPG (133454 bytes)    November 18, 2004 - Thursday  - This picture is taken from the top roof ridge looking out toward the front of the home and the gable above the garage.  This proves that Mark and Jeffrey actually get something accomplished for all their time on the roof.

DCP03028.JPG (143688 bytes)    November 18, 2004 - Thursday - With the roofing on the front of the home pretty much complete, Mark and Jeffrey move to the back and it looks like they are making progress!

DCP03029.JPG (128922 bytes)    November 19, 2004 - Friday - Today, while Jeffrey and Mark continue roofing, Richard installs exterior doors.  This shot is from the great room, looking toward the dining area.  Both back patio doors can been seen.  These doors are "15 Light" or "15L" doors which means they are all glass with three glass panels across and five glass panels tall.  3 times 5 equals 15, hence the 15 Light name.  This will make more sense when the door guards are taken off so you can see the doors.  The door install is a great milestone since once locks are installed we can leave tools in the home as opposed to picking up everything at days end and storing in our trailer!

DCP03031.JPG (82768 bytes)    November 19, 2004 - Friday - This is an exterior shot basically mirroring the one above.  It can be seen here that the southern rear patio door also has a 14 inch "side light" or windows to the side of the door.

DCP03032.JPG (156979 bytes)    November 19, 2004 - Friday - The "flashing" (a protective covering that works in concert with the roofing singles to keep water out and can come in many different forms) for the fireplace chimney was installed yesterday and can be clearly seen here.  Remember...think like a drop of water!

DCP03033.JPG (147728 bytes)    November 19, 2004 - Friday - This shot shows staff member Mark Everson doing some calculations to determine if we have enough shingles left to finish our roofing job.  It also shows our progress today with roofing installation.  Coming along nicely!  Good thing to in light of how Mark and Jeffrey's backs are feeling at this point!  Should have the roofing done by Thanksgiving...hopefully!  That would truly be something to be thankful for!

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