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DCP03012.JPG (97041 bytes)    November 10, 2004 - Wednesday - This week our roofing material was delivered first thing Monday morning.  By today we have all the roof sheathing installed and Mark and Jeffrey are roofing, starting with the north most piece on the front.  Roofing is hard work and needs to be done with great attention to detail...for obvious reasons.  The way to do a good job is to think like a drop of water!  We use Pabco roofing because it is a great product and is made locally in Tacoma WA.  We use Pabco's 30 year Premier "comp" (composition) shingles which we believe are a good compromise between cost and longevity.  The Premier shingles are what's referred to as "architectural" which means they have more of a textured look than standard "three tab" shingles.  In our opinion they look much nicer than three tab.

DCP03014.JPG (123646 bytes)    November 10, 2004 - Wednesday - While Mark and Jeffrey work on the roof, home building hired gun extraordinaire, Richard Craig, works on installing the big beams and posts that will support the roof overhang for both the front and back porches.  These beams are 6 inches wide by 10 inches tall and are cut from one large tree.  The beam for the rear porch is made up of three pieces, each over 12 feet long.  They are very heavy but the amazing Richard manages to put up each one single handedly!  He uses a couple of jacks made for raising walls in conventional "stick" frame homes.  Here we see two of the three beams up, while the third waits for another day.  To hold the large beams we use RealPost posts which are engineered posts made by the good folks at Woodtone and come pre-primed, ready for painting.  The posts are set in the bases we put in the porches when the concrete was still wet.

DCP03023.JPG (88562 bytes)    November 13, 2004 - Saturday  - Here is another shot of the rear porch will all beams and posts installed.

DCP03021.JPG (110861 bytes)    November 13, 2004 - Saturday - The roofing is coming along nicely and staff member Mark Everson can be seen on the roof cutting shingles.  This picture also shows more of Richard Craig's good work in that the beam and posts for the front porch are now in place.  The beam for the front porch is again 6" x 10" but this time is one piece roughly 18 feet long!  Moving this monster onto the porch was a three man job.  Again Richard uses the wall jacks to raise this beam into place.  Sadly we didn't get any shots of Richard using the jacks.

DCP03020.JPG (115768 bytes)    November 13, 2004 - Saturday  - Here is another shot of the front porch with the beam and posts installed.

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