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DCP03001.JPG (158508 bytes)    November 2, 2004 - Tuesday - Election Day 2004!  This shot to the North shows the footings and forms for the patio in the back of the home.  Notice mid-picture an area where three small pieces of rebar are placed perpendicular to the three main pieces of rebar running the length of the footing.  This indicates where one of the posts that supports the roof overhang will be placed.  This extra rebar in these places gives the posts extra support.  Also notice at the far end of the patio there is already some concrete in the footing.  This is just some extra "mud" we had when pouring the big interior floor last week.  No need to have mud go to waste!

DCP03004.JPG (104395 bytes)    November 2, 2004 - Tuesday - Not only is the back patio being poured today, we continue installing the roof and gable sheathing.  This shot shows the front of the home.  The east gable over the garage, the north gable, and part of the roof are already covered.

DCP03005.JPG (133294 bytes)    November 2, 2004 - Tuesday - More of Scott Bradley's good concrete finishing work!  This picture shows the rear patio all finished off.  Again the patio is sloped very slightly away from the home so any water will flow away from the home.  Good for hosing off the patio or watering plants.

DCP03007.JPG (91076 bytes)    November 3, 2004 - Wednesday  - Good shot of the home's front elevation as the sun sets.  The sheathing install is almost complete on the front roof.

DCP03008.JPG (125495 bytes)    November 5, 2004 - Friday  - The end of the week finds the roof sheathing almost complete.  This shot shows the roof on the rear of the home.  Notice the gap in the sheathing all along the peaks.  When we install the comp (composition) roofing shingles, this gap will be covered by a "ridge vent".  Instead of installing individual vents at various places on the roof, we vent the attic with a ridge vent.  The vent is almost completely hidden when the roof is finished.  More about this next week when we install the roofing material.  The ridge for the gable over the master bath can be seen in the distance of this picture. 

DCP03010.JPG (152277 bytes)    November 5, 2004 - Friday  - This is a great shot of Richard Craig's good work extending the ridge of the rear gable back onto the roof.  These pieces typically do not come with our truss order so we have to make them.  It easy to see Richard's work since its done with lumber we already had around the site and is much darker than the truss wood since it has been darkened by sun exposure.

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