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DCP03586.JPG (59671 bytes)    May 25, 2006 - Thursday - The home is really starting to look like its close to being finished.  Here we see the dining area with its new light hanging from the beam.  Also we can see the window sills have been permanently installed.

DCP03589.JPG (67683 bytes)    May 26, 2006 - Friday - A close up shot of the new light for the dining area.

DCP03591.JPG (70243 bytes)    May 26, 2006 - Friday - The "communications center" is taking shape nicely.  Most of the pieces involved are installed high on the back wall of the laundry room.  This is where all the phone, computer network, and cable TV lines terminate.  In keeping with testing everything prior to sale, we have our local provider Qwest, temporarily fire up the phone line and DSL so we can test in real world situations.  In this picture the video splitter which sends cable TV to all the rooms is not installed yet, so you just see the cable lines hanging out of the wall.

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