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DCP03571.JPG (79862 bytes)    May 4, 2006 - Thursday - Another one of Jeffrey's famous "arm shots".  Here we see the guest bath nearing completion.  Sink is in and plumbed, vanity light is installed, and a wonderful oval vanity mirror (which opens into a medicine cabinet) is installed.  We chose the model MMV1132 by Zenith Products.  It looks great, is reasonably priced, and is made in the USA!

DCP03574.JPG (96257 bytes)    May 4, 2006 - Thursday - Here is another "arm shot" of the same vanity mirrors installed in the master bath, but this time his and hers!  As mentioned previously, all the sink fixtures in the home are made by Delta right here in the USA!

DCP03575.JPG (84840 bytes)    May 5, 2006 - Friday - In this picture you can see the bamboo molding has been installed to make a nice transition from the tile floor to the bamboo floor.  These molding are made by Artistic Finishes in the good old USA! 

DCP03577.JPG (81776 bytes)    May 5, 2006 - Friday - Molding installation is in progress.  Here we see the base molding being installed in the dining area.  We chose 535 Colonial base molding for this home.  At 3.5 inches high it makes a good statement without looking over done.  For "casing" molding around the doors we chose 356 Casing.  Both are very common shapes of molding and are made by a wide range of manufacturers.  We speced "MDF" molding for our green built home.  MDF stand for Medium Density Fiberboard and is typically made from 100% recycled material, typically sawdust.  It comes primed so all we do is paint, cut, and install.  Since most spec builders currently paint their molding white, we decided to be a bit different and paint ours the same color as the walls.  It looks really nice!

DCP03580.JPG (85866 bytes)    May 5, 2006 - Friday - Shown here is the molding work at the base of the fireplace.  It also can be mentioned here that we ALWAYS try out every last fixture and item we put in our homes to make sure they work as expected.  We never want a new buyer to find out something doesn't work when we should have tested it prior to the home sale.  To that end we installed the propane tank and have burned in the fireplace, hence the fire extinguisher.  Not only do we want the fireplace to work the first time a new buyer tries it, we also don't want the home to stink the first time they light it up as fireplaces always do when first used.  Again building homes we would be happy to have our mother live in.

DCP03579.JPG (79857 bytes)    May 5, 2006 - Friday - Its a bit hard to see in this picture, but we wanted to make the trim around the exterior doors stand out a bit more than the interior doors so we decided to use the 535 base trim here too.

DCP03581.JPG (105318 bytes)    May 5, 2006 - Friday - As in many spec homes, the garage is simply sheet rocked and fire taped.  This is what we do as well and if the new owner wants to finish this off and paint they can have at it!

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