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DCP02817.JPG (115855 bytes)    August 10, 2004 - Tuesday - Building window bucks!  Staff Member Mark Everson applies tar paper to the window bucks after they are put together.  This is needed to provide a barrier between the wood and the concrete since we chose not to use pressure treated wood for the window bucks.  Notice that the window bucks are made of 2 x 12 lumber except the bottoms, which are made of two 2 x 4 pieces.  This leaves an open part at the bottom of the buck through which we can pour concrete under the buck.

DCP02819.JPG (107931 bytes)    August 11, 2004 - Wednesday - This shot shows the the two master bedroom window bucks.

DCP02820.JPG (106449 bytes)    August 11, 2004 - Wednesday - Window bucks in place for the dining area bay windows.

DCP02824.JPG (103141 bytes)    August 11, 2004 - Wednesday - Bucks for the breakfast area windows and the grilling porch door.  Notice the block is up to the fourth course.

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