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DCP02812.JPG (131587 bytes)    August 5, 2004 - Thursday - Great shot of the garage door "buck".  Buck is a slang term for an opening frame in the Insulated Concrete Forms crowd.  Where ever we want an opening in the ICF wall we have to put a buck.  Many builder make bucks with wood, but there are also very neat plastic parts that are gaining popularity.  Typically it is much faster to build bucks using the plastic parts.  An example of this plastic buck material is V-Buck.  Notice the horizontal and vertical bracing inside the buck.  Since there will be more ICF wall on top of this buck we don't want the weight of the concrete to break it.  That would be bad.

DCP02814.JPG (115703 bytes)    August 5,  2004 - Thursday - This shot is taken from the back of the home looking toward the master bedroom.  It shows the four bucks for the "man" or "service" doors.  Notice the "kickers" on each buck.  Kickers are the braces that go form the buck to the ground at an angle.  The bucks are plumbed before the kickers are attached, and the kickers make sure the bucks stay plumb while we build the rest of the walls.

DCP02816.JPG (87884 bytes)    August 5, 2004 - Friday - This is a close up of the "Grilling Porch" door buck.  Notice the anchor bolts (also called "J-bolts" or "L-bolts") sticking out of the side of the buck.  Once the walls are poured these will be cast in concrete with the affect of bolting the bucks to the concrete walls.

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