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DCP03246.JPG (132534 bytes)    June 10, 2005 - Friday - This picture shows the laundry room with the two Seisco on-demand water heaters mounted on the walls.   The white unit on the left is the model RA-28 which will supply all the domestic hot water needs for the home.  The grey unit on the left is the model SH-14 which will provide hot water for the radiant floor heating system.  This picture also shows a great shot of the completely wired breaker panel.  Notice that both of the water heaters and the Ipex Zone Control Panel all have grey metal, flexible conduit connecting them to the breaker panel.  This is because wires can not be exposed in an area where humans could touch them.  Also notice each water heater has TWO conduits.  This is because each water heater requires two 240 volt circuits, with each one run in its own conduit.  As a last note, the red and white PEX tubes that look like they are connected to the white Seisco unit are actually for the clothes washing machine and are just resting against the Seisco heater, not connected to it.

DCP03248.JPG (109759 bytes)    June 10, 2005 - Friday - As part of last week's pictures we detailed at great length the multi-port ventilators we are using; one for bathroom exhausts and one for a whole house fan.  Controlling one of these multi-port ventilators servicing the three humid areas in the home (each bathroom and the laundry room) is a bit of a challenge however.  Most bathroom fans are controlled either by a rotary timer the occupant manually sets when using the room, or by simply making the fan come on whenever the light is turned on.  We like to have our exhaust fans on for a good while after the user has left the room so just having the fan controlled by the light switch is not an acceptable option for us.  Unfortunately no one seems to make rotary timer switches that can support a four-way wiring schematic (if you have three switches controlling the same fixture it is called a four-way switch...go figure).  After a long search and many phone calls we talked to the good guys in the tech support dept. of Leviton.  The great guy we spoke to didn't skip a beat when we described what we needed.   "You need an OSD10-IDW.  Its a miracle switch".  He then went on to detail that it can handle 120 or 240 volts and that it can be installed in a 4-way switching scheme.  When asked how many of these little wonders could a person have controlling one load he said "pretty much as many as you want".  These switches are called "occupancy sensors".  In actually they are infrared motion detectors.  In addition to their many great features they have a user programmable "delayed off setting".  This means they fit our requirements to a "T".  This delayed off feature means we can program the switch to stay on for 30 seconds to 30 minutes after it no longer senses any motion!  Perfect!  To put icing on the cake, they are the exact same size as our "Decora" style light switches!  Cool!  To make a long story shorter, we have had one of these units installed in the master bathroom, the guest bathroom, and the laundry room.  With this arrangement the fan will stay on as long as we like (up to 30 minutes) after any of these three switches stops detecting motion!  Just like on the Starship Enterprise!  This picture shows the OSD10-IDW in the laundry room mounted next to the light switch.  Last comment is... for those of us who have cats...if you put the litter box in one of the bathrooms or the laundry room, the cats will trigger the fan when they go in to use the litter box!  How cool is that!?!?   

DCP03250.JPG (129522 bytes)    June 10, 2005 - Friday - Here is a picture of one of the multi-port ventilators mounted in the attic.  Its a bit hard to see, but its the black box in the center of the picture.

DCP03252.JPG (118242 bytes)    June 10, 2005 - Friday - Here's a picture of one of the smoke detectors dangling from its wires such that it is fully functional for the electrical inspector, but can still be easily removed prior to sheet rocking.

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