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DCP03140.JPG (89821 bytes)    February 18, 2005 - Friday - Siding continues!  Big surprise.  This week Jeffrey installed the custom made gable vents on all four gables.  Not his favorite task due to his dislike for heights!  The two smaller gables (over the garage shown here and over the master bath directly opposite the garage gable) got smaller versions, while the larger north and south gables got bigger versions.  These gable vents are made of cedar to stand up to a life out in the weather.

DCP03136.JPG (106387 bytes)    February 18, 2005 - Friday - This picture is of the front of the home like the previous one, but it shows the whole front of the garage with the gable vent in place and the siding complete.

DCP03141.JPG (94482 bytes)    February 18, 2005 - Friday - Even though we couldn't use "Hardie Soffit" material for the soffits since the installation is a two person job (Mark is gone...remember?), Jeffrey decided the the 12 inch wide Hardie Soffit would be perfect to trim out the garage door!  This picture shows one side of the garage door opening looking very nice after the Hardie Soffit is installed.  The smart builder is always thinking of new ways to use existing materials!

DCP03143.JPG (84192 bytes)    February 18, 2005 - Friday - Jeffrey's step-father, Mark Brown, has generously offered to come help every now and again on jobs that require two persons.  One such job is the installation of the "knotty" pine tongue and groove boards that we use as ceiling for the front and back porches.  This picture shows the progress made on the back porch ceiling during Mark's visit earlier this week.  These boards are easy to install (with two people) and look great!

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