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DCP03129.JPG (97525 bytes)    February 9, 2005 - Wednesday - This week saw the installation of soffit covering.  The area created by the roof over hang is typically known as the soffit area.  We put coverings over this area to dress up the home and make it look more finished.  There are many ways to do this.  In fact the folks who make our cement fiber siding (James Hardie company) also make cement fiber boards to cover soffits.  These would be great to use but since Jeffrey is on his own these days they would be very hard to put up single handedly.  Another great looking product that is a breeze to put up with just one person is vinyl soffit covering.  The brand we are using this time is Kaycan.  The system is made up of only two pieces: the "J" channel and the soffit material.  J channel is installed on either side of the soffit area, and then the soffit material is cut into pieces that just fit the "tracks" made by the J channel.  These pieces of soffit material can then easily slide along in the J channel tracks until they are screwed into place.  Last, screws are only installed on one end of each soffit piece.  The other end of the soffit piece locks into the previous soffit piece.  Not only does this secure placement, it covers up the screws holding down each piece of soffit material.  Can you visualize it after that description?  This picture shows work on one of the gables.  One side of the J channel can be seen against the building, while the other is hidden behind the fascia trim board.  The soffit pieces to the left are screwed into place, while those on the right are like train cars on a track waiting to be connected to a train.  They are loose in the J channel track and will soon be pulled into place (one by one) and secured by screws.

DCP03131.JPG (80027 bytes)    February 9, 2005 - Wednesday - Once the J channels are installed, pieces of soffit material are slid into the channels until that area is full of loose soffit pieces.  We then go and place each soffit piece permanently by hooking it to the previous piece and screwing it in place.  This picture shows soffit pieces "waiting" in the gutter to be slid up into the channels.

DCP03133.JPG (100661 bytes)    February 9, 2005 - Wednesday - This picture is just another view point of the previous shot.  This view however looks right up the gable being worked on.

DCP03135.JPG (127390 bytes)    February 9, 2005 - Wednesday - This is a great shot taken up on a ladder!  Both J channels making up the "tracks" can be seen here.  As mentioned, once the J channels are in place we slide up many pieces of soffit material that are "loose" in the tracks.  Many times Jeffrey can't reach the next loose piece of soffit material so he uses his tape measure to hook it and pull the piece up the tracks until he can grab it and put it in place.  You've heard of a "bird's eye view"?  Well this picture is an "installer's eye view"!

DCP03138.JPG (94801 bytes)    February 9, 2005 - Wednesday - This picture shows the final results!

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