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GMB USA now Reward Dealer

As the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) industry matures so do the products.  We have been wanting to transition to a "reversible" block for some time.  Reversible block is one where there is no specific top or bottom.  This is achieved by having the same mating surface on the top and bottom.  Not only does this speed construction, it helps to reduce waste.  We also wanted a block where water could not collect on the top edge.  This is important because here in the Northwest, if water collects on the top edge of your block and then freezes, its very hard to continue building the wall until all of the ice is removed or melts.   Reward ICFs meet both of these requirements and with their connecting webs on 6" centers they are arguably the strongest block on the market.  Because their webs are on 6" centers instead of 8" centers like all other block, they have the smallest unsupported space of any block available.   For these reasons we are now pleased to use and sell Reward ICFs.  Its also great to be back with a company based in the good old USA!


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