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DCP03597.JPG (115533 bytes)    June 13, 2006 - Tuesday - Yesterday and today Mark and Effie Brown came by to help Jeffrey get the landscaping right.  Its always a good idea to have the landscape designer on hand during installation to "sign off" on plant placement.  Effie is not only Jeffrey's mom, but also a first rate landscape designer!  With some ideas from Jeffrey's cousin, Bobbie Brooks, Effie turned out a really great design.  This picture is taken from the street looking down the long 130 foot diagonal property line.  The property line goes from the stake in the foreground with the orange rebar cap, way back to where the new fence meets the old fence.

DCP03600.JPG (137417 bytes)    June 13, 2006 - Tuesday - Jeffrey got a number of bids from professional landscapers before deciding to do the work "in house".  This picture shows the bed between the driveway and the front walk.  More than one professional landscaper wanted to simply fill this bed with rock.  Now why would we go to the trouble of making a bed here if we just wanted to fill it with rock?!?

Even though Effie came up with the design, Jeffrey and Carrie gave her a list of drought tolerant plants from which she could choose in the design.  This bed includes blue fescue, mondo grass and sea pinks on the edge with a golden spike next to the home.  On this site there is no shortage of rocks to use in the landscape design!

DCP03601.JPG (146410 bytes)    June 13, 2006 - Tuesday - A nice picture taken from the front walk showing the path going around the side of the home.  Rocks are plentiful so let's use them!  The designer originally stipulated the path be covered with small rock.  Since Jeffrey had an abundance of fine bark he made an executive decision to use bark for the path.  Its much softer to walk on then the rock.  Along the front porch we see heavenly bamboo, azaleas, and heather.

DCP03623.JPG (132718 bytes)    June 15, 2006 - Thursday - A picture of the bed between the front walk and the driveway taken from a different angle.  Another golden spike can be seen up against the home with mondo grass in front.

DCP03611.JPG (127962 bytes)    June 15, 2006 - Thursday - Today Jeffrey built a small rock wall on the south side of the driveway.  He used Roman Stacked Stone from Mutual Materials.  Most block like this is designed so that the wall angles back as it is built up.  The roman stack block was used because it is one of the few stacked blocks that make a flush wall from bottom to top.  This picture also shows the plants that were placed along the south side of the driveway which are alternating rock rose and ceanothus.  This will make a great pink and blue statement when they are in bloom!

DCP03625.JPG (136715 bytes)    June 15, 2006 - Thursday - In keeping with our desire for no stairs anywhere, on the south side of the driveway we made a path that ramps up from the driveway and then goes down the south side of the home.  We again used the fine bark for the path.

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