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DCP02835.JPG (135567 bytes)    August 23, 2004 - Monday - 2 x 12 planking goes up on the Alignment System to act as our scaffolding.  These planks will be installed as the sill plates on top of the walls after the walls are poured. 

DCP02837.JPG (147220 bytes)    August 24, 2004 - Tuesday - Another of Jeffrey's "arm shots".  "I thought it didn't rain in Sequim!"  Mark gets a bit of shelter as he stands under the planking for this shot.

DCP02840.JPG (108539 bytes)    August 27, 2004 - Friday - Picture from up on the scaffold.  Taken from the master bedroom looking out to the rest of home.  Notice we are up to course seven.  Since there are only 8 courses this is very near the top.

DCP02842.JPG (133230 bytes)    August 27, 2004 - Friday - Progress on the dining room bay windows.

DCP02846.JPG (90200 bytes)    August 27, 2004 - Friday - Starting to look like a real home from the street.

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