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DCP03430.JPG (100909 bytes)    November 8, 2005 - Tuesday - The never ending job of mudding and taping continues inside.  Trust us.  Cabinets will arrive later this week and will be stored in the garage until we are ready to install them.  We'll turn on the radiant floor heating loops in the garage at a low level when they arrive to keep moisture down in the garage.  We don't want the heat to escape up into the attic so its probably a good time to make a cover for the attic access.  Many builders install pull down stairs for the attic access.  We don't want to encourage future residents to go up there since there's lots of trouble a non trained person can get into in an attic.  To help discourage trips to the attic we simply make a cover for the attic access that you must push up into the attic if you want access.  This type of cover has been popular for decades if not centuries.  We want this cover to have some insulation as will the rest of the attic, so we make a box as deep as the trusses, which at this part of the home are made from 2 x 6 boards.  We make the plywood on the bottom of the box protrude past the ends.  These lips will keep the cover from falling to the floor when its installed.  Next, we fill the box with scrap pieces of ICF block which, as we've said many times, is made from expanded polystyrene, a wonderful insulator.  This picture shows our cover filled with scraps of block.

DCP03431.JPG (112405 bytes)    November 8, 2005 - Tuesday - The last step is to cover the top of the box (which will become the bottom when its installed) with 5/8" sheet rock.  This will make it look like, and provide the same fire protection, as the rest of the ceiling.

DCP03432.JPG (53670 bytes)    November 8, 2005 - Tuesday - Here is our attic access cover installed in its proper location.  We'll mud the screw holes and install trim around the opening later to give it a more finished look.

DCP03436.JPG (112178 bytes)    November 11, 2005 - Friday - Our cabinets are delivered today and nearly filled the garage!  Sure looks like a lot of cabinets for a small home!  Canyon Creek furnished our cabinets.  Made in America locally, just outside of Seattle.

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