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DCP03399.JPG (82217 bytes)    September 26, 2005 - Monday - Exterior painting started last week and what perfect weather for it!  Mark Brown again lends a hand as shown here.  The color "Sunny Beach" by Parker Paint is a favorite of the company and so we use it on this home.  The trim will be white.  Most paint stores can easily match colors so this time we chose to use the "WeatherAll" exterior flat latex paint from our local True Value Hardware store.  Some people might think that the store brand of paint from True Value or Ace Hardware might be inferior to a name brand paint.  In fact Ace Hardware is the largest paint manufacturer in the nation with True Value not far behind.  Both companies own there own paint factories and both paints come in with very good marks in the consumer reporting publications.

DCP03401.JPG (80303 bytes)    September 27, 2005 - Tuesday - As we always say, "we build homes we would be proud to have our mothers live in".  Jeffrey's mother, Effie Brown, thought she should do a "quality control" visit just to make sure we are still living up to our word.  Clever woman that she is, she disguised her visit as simply providing help with exterior painting.  We were not fooled but thankful for the painting help anyway.

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