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DCP03165.JPG (140551 bytes)    April 1, 2005 - Friday - Framing continues to wind down.  Monday of this week saw Mark Brown again showing up to assist.  With his help, steel track was used to transform our "COs" ("CO" stands for "cut out" which is a doorway with no door installed and most homes have at least of couple of these) into arched passage ways!  This picture shows three of these "arches to be".  Center picture is the open bar between the kitchen and the living room which is now arched, as is the CO on the left side of the photo between the kitchen and the dining area, and in the background (seen through the open bar) you can see the CO between the hall and the kitchen.  These should look real nice once the sheet rock is installed!

DCP03168.JPG (108765 bytes)    April 1, 2005 - Friday - Rough plumbing has started this week.  "Plumbing ground work" is the first phase of plumbing where everything that will be in dirt or under a slab is done, hence the name "ground work".  If you look back many weeks you will see our ground work was done just before we poured the concrete for the slab that is the floor of the home.  "Rough plumbing" is a continuation of the plumbing work and means we now extend the vents up through the roof and "stub out" the drains and hot and cold water lines.  Since there are no fixtures (except maybe tubs and showers) installed yet the drains and hot and cold water lines are run to every place there eventually will be a fixture.  Since we have to pressure test both drains and the water supply lines, we need to install test caps at the end of all pipes.  The term "stub out" comes from the fact there are drain and water supply lines sticking out from the walls every place there will be a fixture.  These lines sticking out of the walls are the "stubs".  This picture is taken from the north walk in closet in the master bathroom looking toward the place where the two sinks will go.  You can clearly see the stub outs for the sink drains which connect to drain in the floor and to a vent going up and out the roof.

DCP03169.JPG (140473 bytes)    April 1, 2005 - Friday - This is another shot of the master bathroom, this time taken from the south walk in closet.  It is taken with Jeffrey laying on the floor so the vent lines in the attic are visible.  Notice that the vents from the whirlpool tub drain and the shower drain meet up with the sink vents in the attic.  Vents, like drains, can service more than one fixture...if the vent pipe is properly sized according to code.

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