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DCP03149.JPG (96002 bytes)    March 3, 2005 - Thursday - The siding is complete!!!  Shown here is the north side of the home.  Hauling 12 foot long pieces of siding up ever higher ladders is definitely not Jeffrey's idea of fun!  One good thing is the length of the siding pieces decrease the higher up we go!  At least this way the siding pieces get smaller as Jeffrey's anxiety about the height raises!  Time to put away those siding tools!  At least until the next home...

DCP03151.JPG (110739 bytes)    March 4, 2005 - Friday - Not only did the siding get completed yesterday, but our plumbing fixtures also showed up.  All were stashed in the garage.  Here you can see the whirlpool tub on the left and the big shower for the master bath on the right.  Both are sitting upside down.  The whirlpool tub is made by Maax and is the "Temple" model.  The big shower is made by Kohler and is the 'Cancun" model.  The whirlpool tub was ordered with the optional "in-line water heater" so after you initially fill the tub with hot water, it will keep the water hot if you run the jets!  Neat!

DCP03150.JPG (82194 bytes)    March 4, 2005 - Friday - Not only was the siding completed this week, 99% of the remaining exterior trim work was also finished!  This picture shows some new trim work on the south side of the garage which trims off the soffit covering very nicely!  The last major project for the exterior (excluding painting and landscaping of course) is to install the rock facade on the front of the home.  Since our cup "runneth over" with real rocks on this jobsite, Jeffrey is contemplating using this abundance instead of buying fake rocks! 

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