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DCP03078.JPG (152991 bytes)    December 30, 2004 - Thursday - Today concrete finisher extraordinaire Scott Bradley places and finishes the concrete for the driveway and front walk.  This shot shows Scott placing the "mud" out of the concrete truck chute.  Nice not to need a pumper truck for a change!

DCP03080.JPG (123461 bytes)    December 30, 2004 - Thursday - The covenant for our Summer Breeze neighborhood requires that driveways must be finished as "exposed aggregate".  This is the type of concrete finish where the surface shows all the small rocks imbedded in the concrete, as opposed to being a smooth or broomed finish where the aggregate is not exposed.  After the concrete is made smooth, Scott sprays a sugar water mixture on the kidding!  The sugar water keeps the very top of the concrete from setting up as fast as it would normally.  All the concrete except the surface sets up at normal speed.  After a given amount of time, Scott sprays off the surface (which is still not hard due to being retarded by the sugar water).  This spray job exposes the aggregate and gives the desired look.  This shot shows Scott starting the rinse process where the front walk meets the front porch.  The exposed aggregate look can clearly be seen here on the left side of the walk.

DCP03081.JPG (108544 bytes)    December 31, 2004 - Friday - New Year's Eve!  This shot shows the results of Scott's good work after all the forms have been removed.  Having a driveway is a great way to end the year!

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