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DCP02862.JPG (103467 bytes)    September 9, 2004 - Thursday - Today we passed our inspection for rebar placement in the walls!  That means we are All Go for pouring the walls.  Notice all the "strapping" that's been added.  Strapping is a slang term for braces placed on the walls.  These braces are usually plywood or 1 x 4 pieces.  Strapping is used to give extra support for certain areas of the ICF wall or to keep things in place, such as window or door bucks.  In this picture we also see two sheets of plywood providing a very large strap for the "Master Seam" in the garage wall.  Typically we build ICF walls starting from the corners and building in toward the middle of the wall.  We do this so the "webs" (the hard plastic pieces imbedded in the walls to which we screw siding and sheetrock) stay vertically aligned.  When the length of the wall is not a perfect multiple of 8, we end up with a Master Seam.  This happens because the webs in our Eco-Block walls are on 8 inch centers, and if the wall is not a multiple of 8 we end up with a Master Seam where the webs are less than 8 inches apart.  Again we do this on purpose to maintain vertical alignment of our webs all across the wall.  The siding folks and the sheet rockers will thank us for this.  

DCP02863.JPG (104451 bytes)    September 9, 2004 - Thursday - Strapping on the big breakfast area window.

DCP02864.JPG (113480 bytes)    September 9, 2004 - Thursday  - Strapping on the grilling porch door buck and the dining area windows.

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